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MILWAUKEE, Sept. 28, 2015 — Rockwell Automation has expanded its portfolio of industrial Ethernet switches with the new Allen-Bradley Stratix 5410 industrial distribution switch. With four 10-gigabit Ethernet ports, the Stratix 5410 switch provides a high-performance connection to the rest of a facility’s network architecture. The switch can be used as a Layer 2 switch or a Layer 3 routing switch, which allows engineers to use it in various applications.

“Our expanded Stratix family of switches gives IT and engineering professionals the broad range of switches they need for high-availability network designs,” said Mark Devonshire, product manager for Rockwell Automation. “The Stratix 5410 distribution switch offers the performance and flexibility needed for designing future-ready network architectures.”

With a 19-inch rack-mount design, the Stratix 5410 switch gives end users a centralized point of network distribution and increased port density. It is ideal for heavy industry applications where resiliency is often required, and has a rugged exterior to help withstand harsh environmental conditions.

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One day, when I was a young metallurgist in a magnet factory, we were testing a batch of critical parts to qualify them for shipment. The customer was very important and the order was urgent, so management was highly interested in getting the parts out the door.

The specification required that demagnetization curves on five parts show a minimum flux at a particular coercive force. Four of the parts were fine, but the fifth fell a line-width short of the specification.

As the engineer responsible for developing the new alloy, I was dismayed. The test was destructive, so it was statistically designed to ensure the batch would perform if the five parts passed. The destructive method also meant we couldn’t 100% test and sort the parts. I started arguing that, considering the criteria and the accuracy of the test, the results were good enough, and we could ship the parts.

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Our Bulletin 1783 Stratix® 5400 Industrial Ethernet Managed Switches support layer 2 switching and layer 3 routing using a combination of Gigabit Ethernet (GE), Power over Ethernet (PoE) and GE fiber ports to help offer enhanced scalability.

In addition, this switch offers DLR with three-ring support, which allows more connected devices at the Cell/Area Zone level for increased network design flexibility.

When you add integrated Device Level Ring (DLR) capabilities with three-ring support to the Stratix 5400 industrial Ethernet managed switches, you get increased network design flexibility for more complex machines.