Electric Vehicle Charging


More than 100 years after the first battery-powered production vehicle hit the road, the global mobility market is changing faster than ever in the face of the e-Mobility revolution. By 2025, there will be an estimated 11 million electric vehicles on the road worldwide, as drivers opt for greener, more economical motoring solutions.

We believe in innovation and digitalization of the energy sector, which will profoundly transform the way we think about energy and change our daily use of it. Therefore, we focus our ideas, products and services on the customer on one side and smart charging technologies. Our charging technology and our range of services ensure that you, both for your business and for your customers, have the appropriate charging solution. Our goal is to provide sustainable electric vehicle charging solutions with lifetime value for users, owners and operators.
Our new product - EVC aims to provide user-friendly solutions for electric vehicle charging in different scenarios, such as urban streets, intercity roads and public or private car parks, for multiple or single users.

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