Measurement and Field Instruments

Pressure transmitters: absolute, gauge, differential pressure measurement, hydrostatic level measurement.

Measurement and Field Instruments

Flowmeters: coriolis mass, electromagnetic, ultrasonic, vortex, differential pressure, thermal mass flowmeters.

Measurement and Field Instruments

Level transmitters & point level switches: guided radar, radar, ultrasonic, conductive, radiometric level measurement, vibronic point level detection.

Measurement and Field Instruments

Thermometers & transmitters: industrial, hygienic, heavy duty, surface thermometers, multipoint temperature sensors, temperature transmitters.

Final Control Devices

Control & on-off valves: globe valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, eccentric plug valves, segment valves, actuators, valve controllers.

Final Control Devices

Variable frequency drives and starters: low voltage AC drives, medium voltage AC drives, DC drives, soft starters.

Process Systems and Software

DCS, PAC and I/O modules: large control systems, small control systems, chassis-based I/O, I/O devices for field installation.

HMI and/or SCADA Software Product Directory

Software: design & configuration, HMI/SCADA, simulation, drive Configuration, graphic terminals.

Industrial Network Products

Industrial Network Products: switches, routers, security appliance, gateway devices, modems, wireless data communication.

Power supplies and UPS

Power supplies and UPS: power supplies, DC/DC converters, redundancy modules, UPS for DC and AC applications, surge protection.

Signal Interface & Connection Devices

Signal Interface & Connection Devices: signal conditioners, intrinsic safety modules, terminal blocks, monitoring relays, time relays.