EV Charging Infrastructure

EVC (Electric Vehicle Charging) comprises a set of products and solutions designed to facilitate the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging. We aim to provide user- friendly solutions for electric vehicle charging in different scenarios, such as urban streets, intercity roads and public or private car parks, for multiple or single users. Our product portfolio offers a wide product range that covers slow charging (AC) and fast charging (DC). Our charging technology and our range of services ensure that you, both for your business and for your customers, have the appropriate charging solution.

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Home & Parking Charger

Public Charger

Fast Charger


Smart Charging Insfrastructure

Smart EV charging is powered by an intelligent back-end solution that brings real-time data from connected charging devices. As stations are connected to the cloud, they can be managed based on signals.

Charging Software & Mobile Application

By scanning the QR code, you can download our mobile application and get the opportunity to charge your cars easily and quickly. You can also view charging parameters and notifications, stop the charging process and pay online.

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